The Law of ” Extraction”

Thankfully, ’The Secret’, a popular film repackaged a hundred year old mental science philosophy and gave it a new name.  We beam with energy , repel and attract as long as we are breathing.  We create with our thoughts and we do great things by putting those thoughts and ideas into order, so its crucial to your life to herd those thoughts like sheep.  Don’t let your thoughts wander all day and lose them to coyotes and television. It makes sense then to think about what you want and avoid thinking about what you don’t want.  That idea is just the course outline and you will find little satisfaction in life until you take the course seriously. The Law of Attraction becomes quite secondary. How you feel about yourself is the single factor that sparks whatever horsepower you get out of life.  The root of the issue is : How do you feel about yourself ?  What is the concept you have about yourSelf and how you fit into your relationships or the world.  Do you recognize or appreciate any connection to the ‘Great Spirit of All’ ?

What we attract to ourselves is what we feel is comfortable and natural, what we know to be true.  Actually we get so used to believing things that aren’t true that we believe them after a lot of repetition.  What do you believe about yourself.  That inner dialogue is what brings outer action. Thoughts change your life.  My current goal on my daily walks is to memorize Thomas Troward’s  ‘Affirmative Power”.  Though each sentence is powerful today one sentence stuck more than the others .  “It is the Self which we feel ourselves to be which takes forms of our own creating.”

For months I have had a project to video myself each day.  I have an open script where I answer how I am feeling, rating my day, my productivity, my goals for the week and in life.   I tell myself I love myself and appreciate myself and what I try to do with my life.  This is a darn difficult thing for me to do.  I am trying and failing.  It does not feel right. I feel foolish.

What prompted me to undertake this exercise was an experiment I read about that illustrated how we can manipulate atoms by thought.  A Japanese scientist labelled several bottles of water with different words ranging from I love you to I wish you were dead.  He also tried playing symphonic music and acid rock.  The corresponding results were impressive.  That is another interesting blog to write about another time.

Thinking about attracting things into your life is a poor use of your gifts and direction.  Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. “  We are afraid to go within. We may feel we know ourselves but if you are not happy and fulfilled, YOU ARE NOT THERE YET !  You are Spirit, you are here with everything you need in your carry on luggage containing, Joy , Peace, Love.   When you are focussing on what you don’t have or cant do you are giving your support to those ideas. You believe something is lacking and you are going to use the Law of Attraction to fill this lack.  Your deep sense of lack or helplessness attracts more of it. Aliveness, peace, beauty, joy are not things on the outside of you that you seek.  They are cupboards and boxes and drawers within you that you need to get out and dust off. You are seeking yourself, your natural self without the debris that you have picked up and worn for too long. You are looking for it because you know what it is.  You have had it before.  You are looking for yourself.  Its ok to want outside things, but its important to know you are seeking your own nature. When you know who you truly are you can live from a place of fullness and satisfaction and you will attract more fullness and satisfaction. Right now you are attracting who you are.

What you really want fires your passion and sparks that law of attraction. You have got to have a  clear idea of what you want and you cant cloud your vision with unworthiness of unconscious fear of failing.  Put your energy and passion into what you want for yourself.  Recognize that these things are not going to bring you joy and happiness but they will help you find it.

Now most people believe if they can have or achieve everything they want they will find love and happiness etc.  On a physical level it does .  Your true happiness is something you are always seeking without knowing it. It is never lost and does not need Attraction.  Recognizing the wonder of you and your creative power is really enough to send your Spirit soaring!


Check out this wonderful for course by my two coaches I can personally relate to.  I hope you can too. This course is called IntoYour Genius.  Some of my closest influences think that taking courses is a waste of time.  For me it is as important as going to the gym.  I can remember my exercise routine so why repeat it? I am always developing and staying in top thinking form.

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