The Key to Success is Repetition

Who told you you can’t fly.
Go On . Give it a try.


At the start of the year many of us were sold on the benefits of going to the gym regularly.

Teachers say that the first ninety days are the hardest because that is on average how much time we need to get used to the repetition.  Really, it is an ongoing life style attitude. The benefit of repetition is anything you want.

Inside you there is a battle going on with your ego. It says : “Change is silly , not going to do you any good , you should quit now. You will feel more comfortable without all that change.”  Your ego wants to win. Your paradigm wants control back. Feedback from others might fuel your derailment as well.

Awareness of your thinking and repetition will give you success. You can change if you are thinking but the problem is that we don’t really think . We mostly react like every other animal .  Noises, sirens, cell phone, message and email alerts.  Mental activity does not constitute thinking. People talk a lot but do not think. We are too busy reacting to distraction a lot of time. Changing your thoughts opens up the opportunity to expand.   When you look at quotes of inspiration from time to time you may feel inspired with a new intention.  Keeping that intention alive is a potent factor in the art of living. Sitting for five or twenty minutes a day will bring some focus and success but realize that what you think about twenty three hours and forty minutes is as important and more so..

Repetition is the key to the kingdom.  It is a self-evolution. You can be shifting your ‘paradigm’ one idea or habit at a time.  Paradigm can mean a suitcase full of of ideas in our subconscious that we perform without any thought.  They are tribal and social ideas or habits that we accept as our conscious self.  We say , “ Well thats just me . That’s the way I feel and nothing is going to change that. Thats the way I do things!”

A lot of the daily things we do are habitual or automatic . They weren’t always that way .  You learned to do everything. You may have experienced the terror or discomfort driving for the first time.  Experience is repetition verging on boredom. After years you can drive with confidence with cell phone , coffee,  navigation alerts , bikers, buses and school children challenging your attention. You are not thinking when you drive are you ? You are reacting and waiting for reaction.  Green means go etc.

You can miraculously change habits over night but that would most probably because of a traumatic event in your life.  On your own too much change at once will defeat your intention.  Some habits you are bound to enjoy and maybe you don’t want to change them yet.  We are all human so just have an awareness of your power to evolve and change your conscious awareness of your self. Don’t overload your intention.  Your ego does not want to change.  You have to look at the bigger picture of what you want.  If you have a habit of being late , consider tackling that issue.  Show up early.  There are side benefits to this. Your self esteem improves. You have to experience this shift and understand that you are really at at odds with your Self. The real pro is always competing against himself.  They do not look at others.

Acting is a good example of the results of repetition.  You find the actors living the part, you believe in their performance.  What you see has been rehearsed for excellence and repeated until it feels natural. You have to do the same. Live the part. Get in character. It is so important that you keep your focus and not let the outside world rule your inside .You have to accept this notion of repetition.  Get it into your subconscious mind. That is the way to develop your paradigm. The other way change comes about is through emotional impact , an accident or unforeseen life altering event and the odds are slim of that happening.

You will have success with a strong desire for self discipline.  You have to force yourself to do the things the paradigm doesn’t want you to do.  You can build a desire for success if you understand what desire is.  You may have circumstances between you and your goal but a strong desire will cross any hurdle.  It is that feeling in you that is unexpressed.  It is the feeling that wants to manifest on the outside of you – your expression to the world.  It doesn’t matter what the season. It’s your time.  If you want to be really good at something, desire and repetition are your golden keys.  Your passion is your desire inside looking for a way out!

You can consciously develop a desire when you understand the laws of the conscious and subconscious mind.  You’ve heard the universe is governed by a set of laws and you are no different. Everything depends on this law. Repetition of the desire inside , seeing your desire, living with it feeling it is growth and empowerment.  It will happen by the same laws just as you can depend on the sun coming up. You’ve got to grasp the paradigm concept because it is literally controlling your life.  Everyone is full of potential and very few of us live the way we want to.  You need a recognition of this and a strong desire.  Repetition of a new idea or habit should be enjoyable.You have a wonderful mind and it will deliver anything you want.  You cant exaggerate when you are taking about the mind.

“My mind is a centre of Divine Operation” wrote Thomas Trowerd in the early 1900’s.  He went on to say that everything has its centre. The Divine Operation is always seeking expansion and good.  You don’t have a soul, you are a Soul.  All the power you will ever need is in you.  You don’t get energy, you are energy.   The crazy thing is that we have all this potential available but we don’t get past our limited thinking.  It is crippling you.  Imagine that you came home with the most powerful computer you could get and you installed software from your very first computer because you knew it, it was comfortable and  you did not have to learn anything new. You should never be happy with what you’ve got.  You should be grateful for what you have but you should never be satisfied. Dissatisfaction brought us the industrial age, flight, electricity and on and on. You deserve everything you want. You have and intellect and through the proper use of your intellect  you make decisions on what you want. You have awesome potential .  You have intellectual factors that you don’t understand how to develop.  Anything you see others do , you can do.  Its how you use these intellectual factors that dictate your emotional state.

Repetition is the first law of learning.  You have got to internalize new ideas and habits just as we have the old ideas and habits. You can shift the paradigm through repetition. Follow the rules if you want to get to your goals.  Repetition gives you the understanding .  The answers are there. It is the law of the universe.

Discipline is the ability to give yourself a command and then follow it.

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