Vocabulary Therapy : 10 Life Altering Words

10 Life Altering Words (and more) That Need To Be Thought About


A gifted author can thread words together creating imaginary worlds. Craftily chosen and phrased words influence our lives. The life we live is a collection of words we string together and the power of those words influences our outlook and our health issues . Our vocabulary has become toxic. The residue from continual use of particular words creates loss of personal power and illness.

Each of us has a list of words that people can and cannot use with us. Often we add to this list. It’s as if you have an emotional rule book and people who have not read it better tread carefully. The wrong word with the wrong tone can end a relationship. That rule book is responsible for 90% of suffering. The pain and depression we experience is written in our rule book and self-created. It is held together by the words we use and misuse.

Look at the powerful word, CHOICE. What is a choice? We make them all day long by interpreting what is going on around us. We focus our attention on something, interpret what we are seeing or options and then we form our opinion. In a given scenario we are going to choose our repertoire of words to interpret what is happening. We use words like terrible, stupid, crazy, hate, love etcetera without thinking. We reach for what is handy. The negative words and emotions attached cause us to lose power. We live with a power loss like a car with bad gasoline. The choices of your words define you. These repetitive words will not be missed if you replace them with: surprising, interesting, unique.​

1. BOUNDARIES is a good place to start because it is the perfect example of a geographical word that we have put a personal emotional spin on. We create a drama when we perceive a breach in our Emotional Wall.  Arbitrarily setting emotional boundaries can stop you from healing. Holding a grudge and not forgiving is a wound that won’t heal and it becomes chronic. Where is your BOUNDARY? Your inability to heal or forgive can often come down to a word or maybe a sentence that someone said and you can’t get past it. It can affect your life. People are going to wander into your Air Space. Planes do it. Let things fly by without blowing them up!

2. PRIDE is a word to remove from your healthy vocabulary list. It has a lot of power over you. It will keep you from getting over issues in your life or break your life. People can’t get past issues because of that word PRIDE. It affects us all deeply but it is a word to live without.  It is a word that can hook you.  When your PRIDE hurts at lot of turmoil and depression can occur.  Make PRIDE Impersonal.  Stay away from that word.


3. FEAR is a word we use a lot and should not. It has become easy to use and we use it as an excuse. It stops you from doing what you really want. Our grandparents did not use that word so readily because of the word PRIDE. They saw the word FEAR as a weakness. We use the word FEAR and expect to be comforted. What happened to the words COURAGE and FORTITUDE that used to be used in the 1900’s ? Use them and their meaning will affect you in a living way.

4. ENERGY . We all want power but we don’t use the words to get it. We are in a swamp of weak words that stagnte and sink us. That word ENERGY for example gets used a lot but it too has a washed out meaning and it offers no real healing to a person seeking it. It may feel as good as a massage but it does nothing for your Spirit. Let’s use the word, GRACE to describe that Healing Life Force. You can use the word HOLY with GRACE but not HOLY with ENERGY. Which word holds more meaning? ENERGY or GRACE.  Make a list of spiritual words and add ILLUMINATION and GRACE to it.

5. WIN and LOSE set you up for a lot of resentments and control issues.  Do you have to WIN or get the last word in ? When you get up in the morning and your life agenda is to control and manipulate others it will cost you a lot in your physical life because it depletes you of your energy. The words you will use are passive aggressive power tools for you. On a Spiritual level the need to win creates resentment if you lose and are anchors that weigh you down and keep psychic wounds from ever healing over.

Personal Power Words

6. Think about the word, HUMILIATION. This word will cost you more loss of power than you can imagine. We attach a meaning to it. It is derived from the word HUMBLE that is associated in Western Society with poverty, weakness and loss of power. It is anything but in its original meaning. In reality, it was a word that illustrated inner strength. This word gives you a sense of inner authority and peace. You do not need approval from others. Fearing HUMILIATION has had a powerful impact on people on many levels.  It is psychic weight.

7. FAIR is a good word to get rid of. This kind of word produces an awful lot of suffering What is FAIR? Do you understand the feeling that word gives you? Do not take things personally and feel that you are being treated unfairly. People are going to say and do things and you would benefit from using the important word IMPERSONAL.

8. Remove the word: DESERVE. It is a crutch word that will not support you. It is a word that goes with suffering and could stand being removed from your list of words.  Reward after Punishment.  Sounds ‘religulous’.

9. BLAME, ALWAYS AND NEVER.  Don’t Go There !   End of paragraph.

10. The word: ENTITLEMENT has been stolen from the aristocracy and we are suffering for the theft in our psyche. You are not entitled to anything. This has become a jealous word that creates resentment you can feel in your chest and gut and back. This is a physical word that can created illness. You might get depressed from this word or pout or scream.  Erase it from your tongue.  Seriously

What words are you going to use today? This is not POSITVE THINKING! There is so much power in everything you say. Catch yourself before you speak and you may create Grace in your Life. Measure your words. Houseclean the words and freshen up.  Do you wake up with TOXIC words like : Dread, Broke,  Miserable, Hate ? Your life can change overnight if you wake up with new words like : Gratitude, Opportunity, Accomplishment, Enthusiasm, Love, Excitement, Appreciation, Grace.

Carolyn Myss has written many wonderful books.   If you are interested in Healing, “Anatomy of the Spirit” is  a great place to become familiar with your energy centres and how they integrate into your life.

Please leave a comment below.  Does this make sense to you?

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