About Me




About Me


My life experience and philosophy is a fusion of The Seth Material , Harry Edwards, Carolyn Myss, Bob Proctor , Jim Rohn ,  Abraham Hicks , Tolle and many other Angels of influence throughout my life.

Thoughts become things. Many times in my life I got what I wanted .  It was actually miraculous.  Other times things did not go so well or there was a catch that I hadn’t considered that overshadowed my joy.

For most of my life I have struggled with periods of depression. It has been emotionally and socially crippling. Almost mortifying. My readings from authors listed above had kept me here on earth at times when I just felt like leaving.

This website is meant to attract like minded people who are wanting to understand what makes us tick and how are thoughts and feelings manifest in outcomes we can manipulate.  Helping other people is very healing to all concerned .  This site it is my journey and I am planning to share what I learn about living a happy life full of growth .

My life began in Ontario on the cold Lake Superior shore. A lot has happened since then.

After a business degree I bought a bakery and restaurant franchise and learned to perform every duty required. It never felt like the right decision.  A life long dream to be in the film industry occurred when I saw an assistant director on a set wearing a walkie talkie and directing people. I liked that and a new found passion swept me from crewparking assistant to producer over fifteen years. I learned about Egos ! I left the film industry because I kept having a recurring vision of me looking down at myself on the set dead while people stood around looking at me.

My dad died when I was 25 and I had an incredible after death vision of him. That incident brought me to the Seth material . I read it all. Years later at a lunch break ’on set’ I heard someone talking about a trance channeller . I was fascinated and went to see her. When she went into her trance she whispered : “ We first met under a lake. Do you remember ?” I then recalled being five years old and drowning in a lake , seeing a lady under the water reaching out to help me just as my father’s hand dragged me back into the air. It took over thirty years to discover I had had a near death experience and like many other people it unlocked some special perspectives.

In 1995 I became a trained ‘hands on healer’. I took the courses , read the books and practised every Sunday in Spiritual Church after the service. At times I visited cancer wards on request or went to people’s homes. No healing ever came from me but I became increasingly aware of the energy and the free will people have to heal their thoughts and their bodies to get in touch with their perfect Spirit.

I have developed a philosophy that our thoughts set into motion everything that happens to us. My website is about exploring those ideas. I am armed against depression- that internal ‘ISIS’ .  Share my journey.  If can help you through this website I am succeeding in acting as an instrument of Spirit.