Embracing the World


” Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise: The first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the sun.”

That passage from ” A New Earth”, by Eckert Tolle moves me each time I read it.  Can you imagine that flower standing up looking around with a Zest For Life never felt before.   Even the Heavens are changing.  Astrologers and Numerologists have talked about a shift to a New Order, moving us from the Piscean into the Age of Aquarius.  That means the traits of the Piscean Age like Money, Power and Control are being out Valued by Personal Intergity, Unity, Brotherhood, Love for Your Self and Others.  We have shifted from a time when we accepted that Power was something outside of ourselves to feeling we are IMPOWERED.   Depending on our age this news may not be so exiting.   Whether we are looking at change in the mirror, our neighbourhood, or on the NEWS, we can feel consummed and helpless in society unless we consider Change Is A Blessing.

It’s What You Think That Changes Your Life

Your were Fearless at one time.  Remembering what your youthful attitudes were can stimulate a smile.  Developing a positive art of living began there though you may have forgotten.  As Children and Teens we had a Zest For Life that kept us in the moment and spontaneous. It blinded us to some aspects of adult reality like rent, career, children of our own and responsibility. Somewhere around twenty-five we start using the word ‘practical’, a sign that we are settling into our comfort cocoons.  When you find yourself in your fifties and up you expect to feel safe and secure in your cocoon maybe not liking change. This is where a lot of anxiety and depression can start.  When you are older accepting or making change becomes very difficult.  We survive in our little comfort zones and any disturbance is major.  It is not like being young and wanting to experience life far from safety and comfort of home and parents.  Resisiting change is giving up on your Zest For Life.  Fear of change is resisting life.  Everything is changing.  It is the very nature of BEING and evolution.  It is BEING.  When you breathe in and out you are changing.  You will find your unchanging place of rest soon enough. Being part of physical existance is a JOY and you should celebrate with your next breath. Unhappiness and Depression develop out of our resistance to change.  It is contrary to nature and you can only expect dis-ease from it. 

​Change and Transition

“If the people around me changed their behaviour and attitudes my life would be a whole lot better.”  The reality is that any change really has to come from within.  Your Desire to Change and Accept Change is a powerful place to start.  We resist the word CHANGE.  It may make you feel isolated and angry, fearful or painful.  What you want is a peaceful life that you can enjoy as it happens.  Life is wonderful and you progress and develop as each day unfolds. Your feelings have an effect on your destination.The Fear Syndrome is what you want to let go of.  Examining your own fears, anxiety and pain  and move to a place of peace and enjoyment of life , knowing that what comes your way is Ok. Your destination is the State of Peace. You find it inside you. If you can get yourself to appreciate your life as it comes and have the confindence to know you will only grow with each new experience, the future can be less daunting shifting from Fear to Love for yourself .

We Would All Be Happy IF Change Were Easy

If it were easy to change or accept change, the world would be better right away. The time between making a decision for change and the actual change is a period of learning . You must practice and live with the goals in mind. New feelings, new behaviors have to become ingrained in your thoughts. It can be rocky road where your swing back and forth between where you were and where you want to be.  How many years did it take you to develop your habits ?  Changing them is not the same as changing a light bulb. You may get angy at yourself and find change frustrating but recognize first, that habits and feelings take time to alter.  You will go back and forth and you find your new Comfort Zone. When your regress, it doesnt mean you have failed.  You keep the goal in mind and recognize you really have not gone backwards. Settling into a new habit takes time.

Do You Build Yourself Up or Beat Yourself Up ?

Now change can come on tiptoe or it come by trauma.  You don’t know what will come or what or who will be taken away. Sometimes change is going to make you cry and you may be sad for a time.  You are going to be OK.  No matter what religion you have tried to squeeze your Soul into, all the religions and great teachers recognized one thing about the characteristics of our Creator.  It was Law.  There is order in everything we are aware of and more.  The Creator of All promises that the Sun will come out everyday.  You are guaranteed that Spring follows Winter and Summer follows Spring.  The next time you can stop in front of a mirror, love that person you see, changes and all.  Just like the Markers we see on a Map at the Mall, We Should Have A Sign On Our Mirrors That Say YOU ARE HERE.  Change is as wonderful as the first flower you see in your day.  Embrace Change.

Has this helped relieve any anxiety you have been feeling about change ?  I began this blog to share my miserable outlook on change.  I was resenting how I had no control over changes around me.  My research made me realize that my thinking needed the change.  How do you feel?

Share your Thoughts Below.  We Would All Appreciate You Sharing.

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  1. Your post is very accurate. Most people do not embrace change, and sometimes, they fear change. We are creatures of habit, so when we are removed from our comfort zone, it makes us feel uncomfortable. During these times, it’s best to try to be positive, embrace the change and the outcome will be good. Great article.

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