Making every moment matter.

The Good Lord Put Me On This Earth To Get Just So Much Done. At The Rate I’m Going, I’m Never Going To Die !

I have been enjoying Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation

Making every moment matter.

and wanted to share his wisdom here plus my interpretation in my life.

Making every moment matter.

Making every moment matter every moment count means honouring time for yourself as well as the time that belongs to other people in your life. We can lower our blood pressure and adrenaline production by not looking at TIME from a limitation standpoint. That TO DO LIST really has a power over you. We can replace the stress points by realizing what really matters and making every moment count.

Where does the time go?

I had a friend who had this banner on her refrigerator. I never forgot it. “The Good Lord Put Me On This Earth To Get Just So Much Done. At The Rate I’m Going, I’m Never Going To Die !”
Busy-ness is a catch phrase . We are in a trap driven to meet goals, check off your list and accomplish so much. We can develop a deep resentment for what we have to do and we find no joy in very much of it. That resentment is not good for our health and outlook.
When things start feeling like ” I HAVE TO ” everything gets out of control.
It’s a great help in your life if you realize what is worthy of your time and having a goal or and end point helps to get you through some of the difficult times that you experience. Some of your life might be a tough grind but if you know where you are headed you can often handle the ‘ tough time’ on the way there. With all there is to do it is very difficult to focus. You have to determine what matters most.
Create a different relationship with the time in your day.
Find time in your day to restore yourself. Now is the time to make peace with that Time.
Decide for yourself what is Worthy Of Your Time. You can’t focus on Everything. What matters most. Allow for space to restore yourself.
Can you make peace with Time ?

When was the best time of your life?

For most people who have a sense of inner fulfilment would say now is the very best time of their life.
Fulfillment is what time is all about because fulfilment is what life is about.
Time is not a friend when you don’t feel fulfillment. With a different perspective time can be your ally and your personal path to fulfillment.
This redefines time management.
We worry about schedules being on time, time for the kids, keeping an appointment but really it’s not about schedules and appointments but how we feel inside. Its about an awareness that makes time your personal ally.
You can look at the clock in exasperation and say where did the time go but another way of looking at it is where did the opportunities go. Managing time from the inside means that opportunities are not missed
When you don’t manage time wisely every day is a race against the clock. This is an inner choice and not the fault of time running out. At anytime of the day you can feel relaxed or stressed like standing still or moving forward. If you let the daily rush dictate your mood and behaviour you are not recognizing this choice.
There are often external stressors and unexpected setbacks.
Difference between having a good day and a bad day is the inner world of the person having it.
Look at your particular issue of time so you can be on top of things instead of never knowing where time goes.
It’s good advice to stop and smell the roses but see yourself as the gardener who grows the roses and tend them constantly.
Wise teachers of the ages have taught mysteries of time , looking inward is one of the main teachings.
It will define how you live in the present moment, how you age and the satisfaction of a life well spent. The hours and minutes of the clock matter less than your experience.


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