Feeling Good is a Vibration






Vibration is Life

When someone asks you how you feel, your answer is an assessment of the conscious awareness of your vibration.  Everything  vibrates.  If you look at your hand under a super microscope you will see that is a collection of atoms vibrating at a frequency that keep them all attracted and together like a magnet.  Your frequency is more unique than your cell phone frequency.  The Power of that magnet frequency reaches out into the universe and attracts similar to the magical way that keeps the molecules in your hand together for example.

Everything has an energy to it or a resonance. With your voice you can give energy to a tuning fork that is at the same frequency.  Everything has a frequency resonance, not just your bluetooth ear buds.

Vibration is Life and we generate it all. With some people you can feel their good energy when they walk into a room or you see their ‘radiance’.  Often you know you are falling in love when you feel that radiance.  Other people walk into a room and you feel an ‘Oh-Oh’ Moment.

Many teachers say that we create our reality by the way we speak, the words we use and how we focus our energy or do not.  Its all about resonance according to a Japanese water scientist.

I came across Doctor Isaru Emoto on You Tube some time ago when researching how thoughts become things.  Giving you the details of his fascinating work would take pages but my synopsis of it will interest you enough I hope to investigate further on your own.

Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiments illustrated that water retains a memory of what it has been infuenced by, including THOUGHT.  He took samples of water and played different types of music to them.  On some other bottles of water he attached labels such as: Love, Hate, Misery etc.

Once frozen , these samples of water showed the results of their stimulation in the crystals they formed.  The results were amazing.  Metal type music that sounds disruptive created irregular ice crystals lacking any kind of aesthetic.   Water subjected to Love or more harmonious attitudes exhibited similar features in the crystal development.

We as human beings are almost 60 percent  water.  You can all remember how you felt the last time someone put a label on you .  The Power of Our Words can be so toxic that I makes us sick and affects people around us.  Consider how you dread being around someone who’s words and actions actually alter your physiology on a vibrational level.

A reporter gave Dr. Emoto a package of cigarettes and asked him what he thought about the POWER OF WORDS indicating that SMOKING KILLS.   His response was that the packaging itself was DESIGNED TO KILL. It creates a negative mindset of illness.  Consider a cigarette pack that says :  YOU WILL FEEL GREAT WITHOUT A CIGARETTE ADDICTION.

You can poison yourself by the WORDS YOU THINK.  Society may influence you to refrain from negative interaction with people but your violent thoughts or verbal assaults under your breath in the bank line or a traffic jam soak into your 60 percent water and 40 percent mass.

Water retains a memory.  Your thoughts create a memory.  A loving parent is going to nurture a child with kind encouraging words. We are all vulnerable like children when we see ourselves against the world or under verbal attack. Some verbal attacks we will retain like water in the experiments.

Think better thoughts. When you feel criticism coming out of your brain stop and recreate. You have a choice that is not up to your ego.  Elevate your vibration.  Remove some words and attitudes from your life that you recognize as toxic.

I write my Blog to help myself enrich my life and work as an Instrument Of Spirit.  Many times I have let other people’s poisonous words immobilized my life or make it seem less than important.  I believed the ‘substandard’ label glued to my jar and only age and a sliver of enlightenment brought me some wisdom about this.

For 30 days I took a spot in front of a mirror and complimented myself. The challenge was daunting and at times I failed.  Sometimes I just felt bad and cried.  Remarkably though I began to feel comfortable in a discomfort zone.  Sometimes I felt like a News Anchor interviewing myself.  You can get lost looking into your own eyes wondering all kinds of things about who you really are inside.  Like a two way mirror you can feel yourself looking back in a very mystifying way.  Within that 30 days I began to feel a power lift me.   The biggest thing I felt was that I did not need anyone else’s approval to respect myself and to find myself a valuable person.  This isn’t said out of some anger but just a healthy awareness that if I feel the need for one persons approval I will need everyone’s approval.  That place did not serve me well.  It is not the sort of comment that you blurt out to people but it is a Peace Filled Mindset that you must process between your ears.



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