I Need Help With Depression Now

I Need Help With Depression Now

If you are struggling with any sadness, depression or any abnormal thoughts please see a doctor or practitioner as soon as you can. Depression can be the result of chemical imbalances in the body like Thyroid Issues for example. For RIGHT NOW follow these suggestions to get on the recovery road until you can get help. Medication helped me through a DARK TUNNEL. If the Doctor prescribes pills, take them. Let your doctor help you decide what is best for you. Until you feel strong and confident open yourself to all options. As I got better I wanted to replace the pills with powerful thoughts and changes to my life. This list helps me to fight depression without medication. The tools I have assembled here are my ways to fight depression and no TUNNEL has been DARK enough to blind me since.

6 First Aid Steps For Depression 

Until You Can Get Help

If you are fighting depression without medication, you will find some comfort from this short list.

Breathe, Meditate
Breathe and Meditate

1. Breathe and Meditate

Stress is a good thing…unless you take too much! It is a natural process that causes us to sprint into action when danger is perceived. On a physical level we shut down a lot of bio systems and get into fight or flight mode. That has helped us to survive. Sustained stress is a killer and on the way depression is a symptom that makes its appearance.

Pay attention to your breathing. Enjoy each deep breath. The point is to relax. Tell your body to relax. Meditation is ancient in concept and science can measure its effects through brain scans. You may know nothing about it but the point is for you slow down your troubling thoughts and become aware of the inner peace that is available to you. Take the idea of quiet time for your SELF if you have a problem with the idea of meditation.

What you want to achieve with the exercise of meditation or simply breathing is to calm down your thinking. Make rough water still. Listen to some quiet music or if you want to be serious try a calming meditation on YOU TUBE.

Meditation and Deep Breathing can soothe your runaway thoughts, your pounding heart and put you in touch with a calm Soul at the helm of your Journey. Stop thinking about what is going to happen or how down you feel. Close your eyes and feel totally safe and protected from the world. Ask for Divine Help.



2. Gratitude List

WRITE OUT TEN THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR. Seriously Start Here and take 10 dynamic steps forward from where you were by making this list. Write it out by hand.

Begin with: “ I am so Happy and Grateful ……” Believe me this helps and it begins a shift in your viewpoint which is one of the best ways to fight depression. You might begin by not feeling grateful for anything, so Breathe Out. Don’t Breathe In until you feel GRATEFUL for the AIR. That is a good place to start. Life itself is a good thing to be grateful for. Anything else is uncertainty and who likes that? There are lots of positive things to focus on.

This piece of advice came to me in a personal email from Life Coach Bob Proctor. At one point I was so sick with depression that I just wanted to drive my vehicle into deep water. My state of being was so far from where I wanted it to be that I could sympathize with the Lufthansa co-pilot who flew a passenger plane into the mountain. I could sense that disconnect from reality. The rational part of me knew better. The many lectures from Bob Proctor that I had watched on ‘You Tube’ had had a ‘rescue effect’ on me. His many lessons focus on rescuing a wonderful life out of a not so good one. I emailed Bob a note in gratitude at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. It was Friday afternoon. On Sunday morning in my email was a personal note from Bob reaching out to help a stranger. I did not expect any response.

…..“Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for.” he said, “and mail them back to me. Begin with being grateful that Bob Proctor cares about you.”

I complied and was helped both then and subsequently. Please take whatever advice you can accept when you are in a dark place. This exercise will only help.



3. Understand Your Thinking Process

Empower yourself by understanding what is going on in your head and feel the difference a thought can make. Cognitive Distortion is a symptom you recognize as thoughts like : “I am just a total fool.”,”Nothing ever changes.”, ” He never….”, ” I always…. ”

From your own experience you know that the exact same issue can look very different from both sides of depression. Did you know that 90 percent of our illness is created by self-created pain and depression?

If our subconscious is the most powerful part of our brain and it believes what we feed into it, it would make sense to use empowering words. That’s not so easy for two big reasons. Your subconscious does not understand language. You communicate with it through your emotions and vision. You will find yourself trapped by the toxic words you use. If you wake up with words like hopeless, powerless, defeated you are beat before you get out of bed. Throw out those words. They cause you to lose power. PRIDE is a big word that can make or break you. It holds a lot of power as does the word FEAR. New words like COURAGE and FORTITIUDE give you a feeling of power. That feeling you get from POWER words reaches your subconscious. Don’t speak weakness.



Focus On A Goal Or A Future Project Or A Dream

4. Focus On How You Want Things To Be, Your Goals .

You must change your thoughts. You have a choice to choose thoughts that raise your Spirit OR those that will keep you where you are. Do not drift into feeling bad if that’s not where you want to be.

You had to be impressed by the launch of ‘Heavy Falcon’, Elon Musk’s successful Rocket test February 2018. Prior to launch day he said that it might not succeed but he would fix whatever goes wrong. He was looking to future years. A goal keeps you more able to fight depressing thoughts. You have a future. Have a dream. Have a new dream.

We have a tendency to add to our depression by puting OURSELVES Down. Self Pity can feel comforting for a time. If YOU are helping someone else out of depression you give understanding and encouragement in a gentle way. Do the same for your SELF. Imagine your Spirit standing in front of you like a loving Parent. Give yourself some love and strength. Ask Your Self for help. Ask for an improvement in your day or your feeling. Ask for a MicroMiracle of any kind sometime during your day. Ask for GRACE. Admit Yes I am depressed but I am not done. In your journey of living you will travel through unpleasant areas from time to time. You don’t plan to be in this spot next year do you? It is worth the trip through the badlands is one thing I know for sure.



Exersize releases Endorphins

5. Exercise

Exercise feels great. It really does help with depression scientifically with the chemical release of Endorphins. If it is just a walk take it. If you have a dog enjoy a walk or jog somewhere different or farther. Go with a friend. Go by yourself and listen to a motivational recording from You Tube.



Call A Friend Who Is A Good Listener

6. Social Contact

Reach Out to Friends who can uplift or just listen. Negative People are not going to be an asset. Meet for coffee and meet for a walk and combine exercise.

Getting support from family and friends is a blessing. Sometimes close family can magnify the pain of depression. When we are feeling disconnected from the world our loved ones can often perceive this behavior as disinterest in themselves because you aren’t listening or paying attention. You may not feel like laughing or engaging a conversation. Depression is hard for the depressed to understand. Don’t always expect family to understand your behavior. Go to your Doctor and ask for options to better health.


These five steps have had a constructive effect on my life and happiness. I hope you can benefit as well.

Do You Feel Helped by These Ideas ?  Comments on Your Experience Help All Of Understand.  Please Share Below


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