4 Factors That Influence Our Healing

4 Factors That Influence Our Healing

Why do we become ill ?

 What weakens us ?  

What helps us to become better ?

The world of science and health goes through miraculous revelations all the time fortunately, but we don’t get easier to understand.  There are new frontiers going on behind the eyes and we are looking at ourselves in depth as previous generations have not.

Why do we become ill?  The way doctors look at illness has changed a lot in the past 70 years.  The reason we become ill brings into play factors that were never considered before.

 4 Top Factors That Influence Our Healing

I listened to an informative TED talk by Carolyn Myss recently.  She is an amazing gift to all who will pay attention.  She lectures on why people don’t heal. Her books have left me empowered and enlightened.  I hope I have not misinterpreted what she said. Here are some points that I have taken to heart and share with you today.  Of the many factors that contribute to our health and healing she has encapsulated four top factors that she has observed over many years being a medical intuitive.  Other teacher that are wonderful to learn from include Deepak Chopra. I added some of his wisdom to what Carolyn says.

Power Through Choices

One unique power we possess is responsible for most of our experiences. That is the Power Of Choice. It’s what makes life tremendously exciting and is responsible for consequences large or small. Recognizing your power to make a choice affects how or if we can heal.  You might have thought that big choices in life are what need the most attention.  Choices like career, marriage, mortgage etc are the big choices.  Ironically, you have no idea whether you have made big choice or small because the consequences reach farther than you can see. Consider that what you consider tiny choices actually have significant influence on your biology and your sense of who you are and your well being.

When we are ill we feel that we have least amount of choice.  Feeling ill makes you feel vulnerable and helpless and facing an uncertain future.  That is not a good feeling. Recognizing that you have a tremendous power with choice can have a positive impact.

Chronic Complaining Definition

  • I never really feel well.
  • I am never really happy!
  • Every morning I wake up cranky to some degree.  ” Don’t you bring me no bad news!”
  • I count down the days until my day off because I don’t like my job.
  • There better not be any poor drivers on my way to work today or else…..
  •  There is always some reason to complain, and generally I have a bad outlook.
  • A lot of the time I don’t really like my life.  Some events and times are great but over all I’m glum and  wonder if I need to go to a therapist or move to a new planet.”

Previous generations did not have these issues.

A Most Powerful Tool

What is the most Powerful Tool I have at my disposal ?

It’s worth remembering what is unique about us. We were born with a sense of choice. Choice is the most powerful things we have going for us.

That power of Choice is so big we’re terrified to make choices.

We worry we’ll be held accountable for a consequence.

Our heart and brain are often at odds about our what to do and we don’t decide.

We postpone making choices.


A List of Choices that Matter 

1st. Choice : Live an Honest Life.

It is more SERIOUS than saying, ” I live a good life.”  Your choices should be according to what you truly believe.  Be truthful with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Don’t gossip.  Never compromise yourself.

Don’t put other people in the position where they have to make choices to please you or absolve you from blame. When you are not honest and fair with your self it creates distress or dis-ease within you. Why do people blame others? Responsibility is painful.

When we purposely blame others no good comes of it. Blaming others and not taking responsibility affects your psyche and that bad energy lingers within you.  When you lie your body records the event. This will hold you back from healing.  It can be a chronic sore on your soul.

Your decision to live a good life is now. It’s time to get your act together. Make a decision.

2nd. Make A Decision Not To Pass On Your Suffering But Your Wisdom

We all have a choice. We can live in the here and now and forward or we can look to the past and say oh my poor life. Physical pain is not the same as suffering. Deepak Chopra says : ” Suffering is distorted consciousness born of self judgement.”  You are not thinking clearly when you are feel like your hands are tied and are struggling and overwhelmed by people and things beyond your control.  Reflection on  the events of grief or disaster in your past have no value to moving forward.    You survived with wisdom to share with others from your suffering. Another choice is to relive the actual suffering.

The value of Living in the Present moment is that you can suspend all past conditioning and habits. Your history, your family, conditioning and past beliefs should not define you.   Becoming more self aware of the Power of your Choices may lead to some relief from pain and suffering.  Meditation is a therapeutic way to find a stillness and self healing.

Asking why this or that thing happened to you really makes no difference. It happened.  A lot of pain and suffering that we experience comes from a feeling of being disconnected from others.

We aren’t all separate from others or from the events that happen to us.  Your thoughts are not always productive. In our history and in our family people have gone through horrible unbelievable things. This will never go away. Something all religions agree on is that Life is never going to be Fair and Just.

Healing is about recognizing that what happened to you will not affect you going forward. It is taking what happened to you and turning it into a ladder of wisdom over a wall. It is about saying that this is what happened to me and it will not defeat me moving forward.  Wisdom or Woe is the Choice.

3rd Choice. Taking Risks in Life

When people become ill and feel their mortality approaching what often comes to the surface is regrets. We imagine the life we could had lived. We think about risks we should have taken. What you could have succeeded at if you had had no fear of humiliation. Take risks in life.

Have you considered how many of your greatest fears have actually happened?  How many wonderful things have happened in your life that you had nothing directly to do with?

Don’t always take the safe path when searching for your dream. Don’t look back, there’s nothing back there. That part of your life is over. Don’t look back to start new. Don’t drag yourself back to the way you were. You are not that person anymore.

Appreciate the Newness of the Present.  Live in the Now.   Don’t be afraid of it.

4. Choose New Words

Choose a destructive word that you should never use again.

When someone says words aren’t powerful consider your vocabulary. Every single word you say to another person is Powerful. Every word you say to yourself is Powerful.  You are words. If a doctor could analyze  your vocabulary he might find it so toxic that the energy that it creates around you handicaps you to any healing or peace that could come into your life.

You wake up in the morning hostile about everything. Nothing in your life is good enough. This is not going to be a good day. You see others as not good enough. You are looking to blame others for things . You Deserve Better and are Entitled to more.

Your vocabulary is toxic, your words are hostile against people and toward yourself.

Three Lethal Words 

• Blame

• Deserve

• Entitled

These words should be taken out of your vocabulary. You will find less depression because you are not entitled to anything. Blaming takes you out of the present and fills you with such negativity that it weighs you down. Consider who is blaming you. Stop looking at the world the way you always did.

When you get up in the morning consider your choices on the quality of your day.

Bless your day.

Be grateful for it.

You have no idea what to expect.

You are ALIVE.

Be Grateful for that and not what you have.

You don’t need a religion with a name on it

to know that you are a miracle today.

Be at peace just because You ARE.

Only see the present with great gratitude


Maya Angelou quote: “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”



Can You Think Of Any Words You Will Try To Live Without ?  Comment Below Please.




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