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5 Minutes To Improved Health- GROUNDING


A cure for chronic degenerative diseases could be closer than you think.  It could be right below your feet. Scientific research is shedding light on an overlooked positive environmental factor for our overall well being.  Going bare foot on the ground and being in direct contact with mother earth is the most natural thing since man appeared.  It has helped nurture and develop our species in ways that are now becoming more evident to the masses through research.

The surface of the earth by its nature is a vast supply of electrons. Who knew?

“It is like absorbing antioxidants directly into your feet and organs.”

Dr. Stephen Sinatra , Cardiologist.

What Grounding And Earthing Mean

Grounding or Earthing : It means connecting to the earths surface directly by walking barefoot outside or by one of the new methods of grounding your living area to the earth to facilitate that absorption of electron nutrition. The earth has a subtle energy on its surface and we connect our electrical appliances to it for safety. That is grounding.

The Umbrella Effect

Reducing the electrical field that affects the body was a noticeable benefit of grounding.  We are bioelectric beings drowning in a sea of frequencies. The studies are extensive and compelling.  We are subjected to all kinds of electrical influence all day long.  Think of it.  Our watch, cell phone, remote control, key fob, tablet, car, blue tooth, tv signals and on and on.  Consider Grounding like drinking PH balanced water.   Like an overall electronic tonic.  The overall well being of individuals who took part in studies will make you want to take your socks off and play in a field.

Researchers are finding amazing results and recommend  this proactive exercise  against chronic stresss, inflammation and pain, sleep problems, cardiovascular disease and the list goes on.

Much of the world no longer sleeps on the ground though it is a gift of free electrons to all organs, tissues and cells.

A lot of research goes into environmental factors that reduce our welling and now some research is looking into what we are no longer taking advantage of in our environment. Our disconnection from the earths surface may be responsible for decades of chronic illness, inflammation and immune disfunction.

It was approximately1960 when synthetic rubber made an appearance on the soles of shoesand sneakers.  It was around this time that there was an epidemic of inflammation related health issues. Now since we realize that houses need grounding to prevent harm and dispel static electricity it would make sense to consider that we might need it too.  Barefoot in the house does not count so realize that you are not grounded 95 percent of the time. Our shoes and environment interfere with our contact with mother earth. Leather Soled Shoes do offer grounding because they are animal skin.

People are actually grounding their mattresses and claiming health benefits and studies on this suggested major effects on health.  Scientists and physicists began with skepticism but their data was exciting.

We Live On A Battery 

Think of the earth as a battery. To make it simple, the sun hits our atmosphere and heating up the air creates positive and negative charges. Positive charged particles stay in the air and the negative get absorbed into the earth through lightning.  We live on the surface of the earth in the air and our synthetic environment keeps us from touching the earth in a natural way. We need air, sunshine, and grounding your body as an important element of health. Everything about our bodies is molecular. Our organs and tissues vibrate together and the invisible magic of nature keeps it together.

Whenever you are experiencing pain, it is often the direct result of an inflammation.  Not by coincidence diseases often follow.

Think about your children’s health.  We protect them from the world with footwear and flooring of some manufactured type most of the week or month.  Barefoot at home is not touching the earth unless you are on the lawn.  Maybe you only have a balcony, maybe just windows. When do they get grounded and have you noticed that they aren’t ?

If you do not get out and touch the earth you are missing a big deal.

It’s Absolutely Free To Experience

I have always enjoyed being barefoot around the house and yard.  The experience is liberating. In public lawns we need to be more careful, but it is freeing and a stroll on the beach with shoes? Only being held in my hands.  That great feeling of walking barefoot along the sand must be partially a result of grounding.

To give this practise a review I have taken off the socks once a day just to go out and walk in the yard.  I am blessed to have a safe clean lawn and garden path.  The first experience I had was amazing.  First I sat on a bench in the garden and took off my shoes ad socks. It was a cool January day in British Columbia. My Spiritual Grounding Technique was to sit, relax and ask for a Light Of Protection.  I asked for the negative energy to be taken away and for positive Universal Energy to fill me up.  I took a few steps on the cold earth and stopped still.  For the longest time I had no desire to move.  It was as if I were in some altered state.  Not like a mental altered state but more like a sensation of being nourished and held in place. Star Trek Voyager had a character called Seven Of Nine who would replenish her vital parts standing up in a recharger type chamber. I felt like that and it felt good.  The next day it was drizzling but I went for a walk on the lawn.  The exercise of just standing on the earth felt so good that I repeated the exercise today for a shorter time because it is raining.


It would be great to hear about your experience with this.

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