Listening To Your Whole Body

Your thoughts can be your enemy if you are not getting the health you want. Thoughts play a crucial role in training our brains to resist disease and our overall well being. The brain is the controller of our physiology and how our lives progress. As Bob Proctor says:

” You don’t get what you want ! You get what you Believe !”

The GREAT SPIRIT OF ALL has created you – a PERFECT BEING. A magnificent organic specimen and Balance of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Your SPIRIT existed long before the Spoken Word, Time, or Religion came into fashion. It is your ETERNAL earthly vehicle to a wonderful life.

Your brain can be your friend when you can do some clear thinking. The Power Of Positive Thinking For Health is important, but your BODY and SPIRIT are more rigorous and are not blinded by saying positive words. At times when we are ill or depressed the need to focus on better times is crucial to charging our mental batteries. That mental activity is part of the feedback loops within our MIND, BODY and SPIRIT Balance. When you are not in perfect health or feeling great you must recognize this is only currently your state of being. Every moment is different and believing in a negative outcome will not help you influence your physiology in a positive way.

You Don't Get What You WantI am grateful for my doctor. He is able to look at my blood work and charts and tell me how my body is doing. When my blood pressure and blood test are good I have more confidence. What is more precious to have that health and life ? His goal is to get my blood work or blood pressure back into balance so my organic machine runs at its best. My duty is to focus on nurturing that machine when he is not there.

If you have illness and you are focused on the negative outcome or prognosis you help the problem along.

You might ask: “Why did I become ill ?” ” I don’t deserve this. “

Why you became ill does not matter. Deserve has no place here.

You will be healthier accepting this advice.

Chronic Pain is debilitating for certain and every intervention must feel welcomed. Be gently and kind with yourself as you would a friend in the same position. Healing is a process. Spend some focused time thinking better thoughts or just not thinking at all for ten or fifteen minutes a day. Without the negativity and brain chatter, your body just wants to return all systems to normal. You have more power with your thoughts to alter your physiology that any number of things the doctor can do. Ask for help and ask for healing. Let it in.
Do You See Yourself Being Healthy ?


What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Optimal Health Is What Your Body Knows

Raise your expectation about your health whatever your age. Put some work into making your goals for health and life come true. Put in some commitment.

Carolyn Myss says that we want to heal but we often only go half-way there. We can say: “That’s a good idea. I should try that.” But we never do. TRY IT ! Meditate as medication. Reassure yourself constantly about your health.

There is a 5000-year old philosophy called Ayurveda. It is the science of longevity with the belief that the balance of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT can lead to perfect health and longevity. You have a duty to your body to get adequate rest, and move mentally and physically through the world. There is no magic about it. Exercise, be passionate about life and keep putting one foot in front of the other. As we age and get settled in the mundane repetitive tasks of the day.

Be Spontaneous! Be open to something new each day.

( That does not mean watch a different TV channel !) Deep forms of healing can be experienced by a shift in perception and a change in the endorphin level within you. You are a magnificent being. Take time to balance your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Laugh!

If you want optimal health, spend some quality TIME on it. Give it a chance to sink in farther than just the sound of the words.

You are meant to be balanced and in harmony. You were created in balance and harmony.

What Positive Messages can you send Your SELF today ?

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

The Intuitive Mind Is A Sacred Gift.


We are intuitive beings and listening to your body is very powerful

Pay attention to your body’s inner intelligence is an empowering thing to do in the process of understanding yourself. This intuition provides you with amazing insight into the importance of you having a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit.

Albert Eisenstein wrote about this powerful ‘gift’ we have. He is quoted as saying:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

When you feel a hunch or intuition, it hits you right away. You don’t have to think about it do you. We say it is just a gut feeling. Then we cloud our initial perception with the rational mind and try to make a choice. It’s not just psychics that have this gift. It is all human beings. It is this intuition that keeps us balanced unless we get in the way. Our intuitive mind keeps us in perfect health when we listen to the messages of how much sleep we need, or what we should be eating or when we may be placing ourselves at some risk. Acknowledging that awareness sets you on the balance that you seek.


Listen to Your Whole BodyWhat Your Body Feels

Our bodies have evolved into a collection of trillions of cells and organs that work in perfect harmony. They are constantly being restored with new cells and without hindrance could function indefinitely. Cells are sensitive to our vibration. When someone in the house raises a hostile voice your dog may run and hide. You TOO may want to run and hide.

Our cells are sensitive to our mood too. Like the dog, they feel the emotion. They don’t need to hear anything else. It stops them from behaving harmoniously. What we think is often a conflict of facts and emotions. Our thoughts and environmental factors are notably responsible for a vast number of illnesses. Our cells can’t tell whether they are being stimulated by emotions or natural hormones within the body. When we are happy the whole world is different. Our biology is different. It is a powerful feed back loop in our physiology. Luckily for us half our brain works automatically to ensure survival. The other half of our brain that offers choice can cripple and mortify us but with practice we can be in charge.

There is not a moment of the day that we don’t exercise our choice to be happy or unhappy. We make the choice to react or respond to situations and individuals like an artist. The choice we make creates a self-portrait of our lives. The choices give us power. How we use that power requires a Higher Guidance.

We are the only creatures on the earth that can consciously change our thoughts or intentions. We can think of a different mood to be in and we can send a message that our cells recognize and we feel a degree better. It is an energy that changes thoughts to matter. We do this with all our creations and manifestations.


Appreciate Your Body and Health Organ by Organ, Cell by Cell

Appreciate the Health you have and the body that supports you on the Earth. Your body (vehicle) supports you and you must love and support every cell. Recognize the feedback loops that you can use by training your emotions and thinking regarding health.

Spend some quality time on personal maintenance for MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. You are worth the time and effort. You were created through love and many previous version. You are as perfect as it gets. Appreciate yourself. Accept yourself. Let health come out of that healthy Balance.

That radiant health that comes from Balance allows you to fully appreciate your gifts and friendships and experiences for a full life.

Has any of this advice been helpful to you ?

Your comments and feedback help us all.








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